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Bradley Chambers started his career in telecommunications working for the original IP TV provider in the US, and also was part of their fiber to the home roll out.

From 2009-2021, Bradley has worked full-time for a private school in Chattanooga, TN running the information technology department and technology integration in the classroom. He manages a network of 15 switches, 85 access points, and multiple phone systems across four separate campuses across the city. He’s well versed in enterprise Wi-FimacOS and iOS system managementschool technology, SaaS tools, and more.

At 9to5Mac, Bradley covers HomeKit technology, enterprise software, enterprise hardware, and how Apple fits into the enterprise environment.

Bradley holds a B.S. in Management from Covenant College.

If you have any tips, feedback, corrections, or questions, they can be sent to Bradley@9to5mac.com.

Twitter demos NFT integration in its Android app

Twitter NFT

Twitter’s head of consumer product marketing, Justin Taylor, dropped an important tidbit on Twitter earlier this evening when he showed a video of forthcoming wallet integrations to use an NFT as your Twitter avatar.

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