Jamify launches NFT music platform that rewards indie artists

Jamify is a new platform launched this past week that displays audio NFT files, allowing listeners to find independent artists’ collections of unique music and reward the artists directly.

“This was something born out of necessity,” explains Jamify founder, Frames Jenco (who is almost certainly not James Franco operating under a pseudonym, probably). “I saw artists like MC Mandeep and Phillie B releasing really high-quality music on RelayX where it was easy to get lost in the feed of random JPEG mints.”

RelayX – and, as a consequence, Jamify – is built on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. BSV is one of the largest blockchains in the world, processing about 2,000,000 transaction per day.

Frames says Jamify’s name represents what his company is setting out to do (To be like Spotify for jam bands?) and, while the concept is in its infancy, there is little doubt that the NFT is here to stay. His vision is to utilize NFT’s to create a source of revenue for participating artists.

“Even I had no idea how much music was already on there because it was too hard to find,” Jemco explains. “I was about to release a new song called Free Ride and when it started to come together, I was pumped. All artists want to make sure their music has the best chance of being heard, but also need to have a revenue stream too. Creating a platform that offered both those vital factors was the real catalyst to creating Jamify.”

Blocktalk’s Take

We’re been reading stories about Apple and Spotify making millions while the artists they rely on to create content get pennies for years now, and the idea of simply allowing fans to support the bands they love directly with a collectible NFT they get to call their own seems so obvious I’m frankly surprised no one else has thought of it before.

That probably means it’s a good idea. Good luck, James Frames!

Source: Jamify, via PR Newswire.

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