Best resources for understanding Bitcoin and green energy

You’ve seen the arguments that Bitcoin is going to boil the oceans. You’ve seen the arguments that, to the contrary, Bitcoin is going to provide the financial incentives that will make achieving the goals laid out by the Paris Agreement possible. Here’s a compilation of resources that argue the latter.

(Note: Blocktalk doesn’t endorse or explicitly agree with any of these arguments; this page is simply meant to serve as a resource for understanding the counterarguments to the mainstream narrative from influential people and experts in the cryptocurrency space.)

Ria Bhutoria at Fidelity @DigitalAssets:

Ross Stevens, CEO of NYDIG:

  • Talk with Michael Saylor, outlining the potential for Bitcoin to drastically revolutionize economic incentives in energy (See 25:09)

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square:

Square and ARK Invest (whitepaper on Bitcoin x green energy):

Kjell Inge Røkke, 2nd wealthiest person in Norway, main shareholder of oil giant Aker, Bitcoin firm SeeTee:

Parker Lewis at Unchained Capital:

Nic Carter:

Max Webster at Version One VC:


Dan Held:

 Peter Van Valkenburgh:

Michael Casey:

Knut Svanholm:

Andreas Antonopolous:

Phil Geiger:

Marie Huillet at CoinTelegraph:

Once BITten! podcast by Daniel Prince:

The Investor’s Podcast:

Marty Bent:

Hass McCook – The Cost & Sustainability of Bitcoin:

Thanks @mtcbtc for helping surface some of these.

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