Live Blog: Here’s everything Elon Musk says about Bitcoin on Clubhouse

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk put #bitcoin in his Twitter profile, for the first time signaling something of an endorsement for the decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptoasset. Tonight, Elon is stepping into a Clubhouse room for the first time, and chances are he’s going to chat a bit about Bitcoin. Follow along for our live coverage of the Clubhouse chat and everything Elon says.

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Live Blog: Elon Musk on Clubhouse talks Bitcoin

— Elon is scheduled to go live in a chat called Elon Musk on Good Time, part of the Good Time club on Clubhouse. The chat begins at 10pm PT January 31st, 2021 or midnight CT, 1 am ET February 1st.

— You can click on this link over on Elon’s twitter account to access the talk if you already have a Clubhouse account.

— We’re still a few hours out from the Clubhouse chat. It’s very possible Elon could spend the entirety of the time talking about Tesla or Space X. Or maybe even topics completely unrelated to his various companies and initiatives.

— If I were to speculate, I’d bet Elon is going to touch on some topics similar to this: Bitcoin Astronomy: Part II. This blog post covers some ideas of the Bitcoin implications for astronomy and galactic exploration… and it’s the kind of thing that may have caught Elon’s attention in recent weeks.

— It’s also likely Elon has realized that Bitcoin will likely increase his chances of establishing Mars in his lifetime.

— Elon just asked if they could bring in Vlad from Robinhood. Not clear if he was joking.

— Elon is asked when we’re going to get to mars. Elon says in “about 5 years or something like that”.

— Talking about reusable rockets and getting to Mars economically.

— Talking about consciousness. Answering the fundamental questions. Space is the big answer. Will we become a multi-planetary species? All the usual Muskian stuff.

— “Humanity is the agent of life in this process. And we have an obligation to ensure the creatures of Earth continue even if there is a massive calamity.”

— “Which comes first? A self-sustaining city on Mars or World War 3?”

— Mars is going to be very dangerous. “It will be dangerous, hard work, on the frontier, far more ways to die there than there are on Earth. But I think it will be fun and a great adventure.”

— “We’ve seen no sign of any alien civilization whatsoever.”

— Talking about “who control the memes controls the universe.” “What is that influences the zeitgeist? How do things become interesting?” “I don’t know, I love memes, I think they can be insightful. I think they’ve powerfully affected people.”

— Elon bragging that he was early on Twitter. Trying to answer a question about how he got good at memes. He says his early tweets were “pretty racy”. “People think I’ve gone crazy on Twitter. No, I started crazy on Twitter,” he says.

— “I have some pretty kickass meme dealers,” Elon says, as he continues digressing about his meme prowess.

— Seems like the conversation is turning to Neuralink. Interviewer asking Elon to explain what Neuralink is and why people should care.

— “Neuralink stems from a concern of a benign AI scenario… how do we at least go along for the ride?”, Elon asked. He’s musing about how AI is rapidly improving and notes that Tesla has one of the strongest AI teams in the world. “In terms of avoiding the bad scenario… how do we couple the collective human will to the outcome of AI?”

— “People are already a cyborg,” Elon says. Talking about limits of biology. Computers can process billions of bits per second. Thumbs on a phone screen is around 100 bits per second, generously, Elon says. Still nothing about cryptocurrency yet.

— Talking more about Neuralink. More videos showing progress coming “in a month or so.” Talking about playing video games using the Neuralink device. Not much news here… early implants will be mostly for people with brain injury.

— Talking about education now. Elon says his kids were “mostly educated by YouTube and Reddit.” Says educators should explain to students why topics are relevant. “Establish relevance to give a narrative thread,” he says. Still no mention of Bitcoin.

— “Why does the world not have more Elon Musks?,” he is asked. Elon says he felt strong compulsion to the things he is doing. There are long sections of his life that have been painful and difficult and he’s not sure people would want to do that. “If someone wants to do the things I’ve done, I’d say they’re mistaken.”

— “When people ask me what encouraging words I have for people who are doing a startup, my answer is if you need encouraging words, don’t do a startup.”

— All things cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The topic is here. “I have to be careful here, because things I say can really move markets,” Elon says.

— “I was given a Bitcoin cake in 2013,” he says. “Talk about being late to the party.”

— “I do at this point think Bitcoin is a good thing. And so I am a supporter of Bitcoin. Late to the party, but I am a supporter of Bitcoin. I really think Bitcoin is on the verge of getting broad acceptance by traditional finance people.”

— “I make jokes about Dogecoins, but they really are supposed to be jokes. It was made a joke to make fun of cryptocurrencies.”

— “The most entertaining outcome is the most likely, and the most entertaining outcome is that Dogecoin becomes the currency of Earth in the future.”

— Now back to talking Tesla. The Bitcoin/crypto section was very brief and he didn’t really say anything new or of substance.

— I don’t expect Elon will be talking about Bitcoin anymore on this show… he seemed fairly reserved to say anything so as to not substantially move markets.

— Talking about self-driving and other Tesla topics. Again, doesn’t seem like Elon is making much commentary of worth on crypto from here out. Gonna wrap the live blog there, folks. Thanks for following along!

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